An Insight Into Asthma

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Asthma is an inflammatory disease, chronic by nature affecting the lung airways. The inflammation causes a narrowing of the air passage, therefore resulting in shortness of breath and at times makes the patient gasp for air. The persistent inflammation makes the asthmatic patients hyper sensitive to conditions of cold, dust pollution, stress and exercise.

Asthma usually appears in childhood but some adults too might manifest it. Though most symptoms remain similar in children and adults, there are certain variable aspects too. For instance in children mostly hereditary play an important role in making them allergic to dust or cold. But in case of adults, materials of allergenic nature might cause it. Over uncontrolled exposure to animal products and plastics might cause asthma.
There are various treatment alternatives to this health condition. The most important one being an avoidance of allopathic medicines, as they produce toxins and are often addictive. Yet another way of treating asthma is by avoiding a preventive measure whereby the ultimate goal is to restore the body of its lost strength and balance, by providing specific help to the immunity as well as the hormonal system. 
Diet and nutrition plays a vital role in this disease; restricting dairy products being a prime way, because dairy products are often regarded, as source of food allergies. Asthmatic patients should opt for fresher and greener food varieties like fruits and salads. Water intake in plenty further helps in keeping the lung passage moist. 
Yoga has come to be significantly attached to the treatment of asthma. Breathing exercises that specifically target expansion of lungs and reducing stress go a long way in maintain a good health in case of asthmatics. 
Despite several successful treatment methods available, prevention can be looked upon as most trusted way of curing any ailment. Elimination of food allergens and environment allergens is particularly an important preventive measure. 
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An Insight Into Asthma

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An Insight Into Asthma

This article was published on 2011/10/05