How does asthma affect breathing and What Medications are Used in the Treatment of Asthma?

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How does asthma affect breathing?

Asthma is one of the most common breathing disorders that affect mankind. This disease is especially prone in children, but can be seen in all age groups. The diseases like asthma affect breathing adversely. The main ways by which asthma affect breathing is by narrowing down the air pipe (also known as wind pipe), which in turn, cause shortage in breathing. A chronic asthma patient will always, as a precaution, carry an artificial inhaler, which is a medicine to tackle asthma attacks. The diseases like asthma affect breathing in other ways by creating a wheezing feeling and cause breathlessness and contraction of chest in many patients.

Even though the disease is widespread, there have been observations that suggest that in some cases, asthma can be cured. If an early diagnosis is made, or if the disease is diagnosed in early childhood and proper treatment is applied, then the disease can be cured. In addition to this, the disease can also be cause of asthma prone work environments. In professions that let the worker work in conditions with abundance of dust, fumes etc., the disease can occur. The diseases like asthma affect breathing in lots of other ways also. If an asthma patient inhales dry or cold air, then he or she is more prone to being hit by a bronchospasm; an advanced form of breathlessness which shrinks the lung pipe to enormous limits. Also, the asthma patients can get triggered asthma attacks in polluted areas and areas with great height.

What Medications are Used in the Treatment of Asthma?

Even though it is a belief of many people that asthma cannot be cured, it is not true. Like any other typical disease, asthma can also be cured by proper medication and diagnosis. For the treatment of asthma, there are a large number of medications available for all age groups and these have helped cure asthma in all parts of the world. The main medications that help in treatment of asthma are classified into two groups – depending upon their short term or long term usages. The short term medications are used for treatment of asthma during chronic attacks (also known as asthma attacks). The short term medications include anti allergic medications, typical inhalers (e.g. the SABA and USAN) and spacers. The type of medication and type of intake mainly depends upon the severity of the disease and the age of the patient concerned and must not be taken without prior consultation with a licensed medicine practitioner.

The long term medications are used in the treatment of asthma for total cure and must be taken at definite intervals for a long time. Prolonged use of such medications can be effective in curing the disease and enabling an asthma free life. Glucocorticoids and leukotriene antagonists are some of the most commonly used long term medications that are used in the treatment of asthma. These medications can be dose specific and intake more than the specified amount can be fatal in some cases. Hence, they must be taken only after prescription from a doctor.

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How does asthma affect breathing and What Medications are Used in the Treatment of Asthma?

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